7 Sexy Movies To Get You In The Mood

Unfaithful: Diane Lane is a restless suburban wife who meets sexy Frenchman Olivier Martinez. They begin a forbidden affair that will get anyone riled up. 


9 1/2 Weeks: Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke partake in a steamy relationship based on sex and fantasy.


Savages: That scene in the tub… all you need to know.


Basic Instinct: Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas, an ice pick and a number of hot sex scenes. This movie will leave you on the edge of your seat. 


Secretary: A young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, where their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one.


Cruel Intentions: In a twisted step-sibling relationship, Kathryn and Sebastian partake in a deliciously diabolical wager of sexual conquest when she challenges him to take the virginity of a new student. 


Pretty Woman: It’s no secret that Richard Gere and Julia Roberts have chemistry in this movie. That piano scene though…

by Gina Wood