I Took A Pole Fitness Class… And Now I’m Obsessed

Pole dancing… It has always held a certain (false) stigma. But now, pole fitness classes are popping up all over the world. So naturally, my curiosity peaked. I had to investigate for myself.

Let me preface this by saying that this class is not about stripping. It is about exercise, dancing and building confidence. My friend has been taking weekly pole fitness classes for the last couple of years. She always talks about how it is such an amazing workout and how much it builds up her confidence. Curious, I decided to sign up for the beginners series. This was a 6 week series that meets once/week for about an hour and a half. I was nervous, excited, timid, terrified… every emotion was flooding through me! It felt like the first day of school, when you don’t really know what to expect or who you’ll see. Thankfully I had a couple friends sign up with me so at least we were in it together.

We arrive at class, and it’s what you expect. A room filled with poles. There are only a total of 7 girls in the class, so that makes it less nerve wracking. Our instructor is bubbly and energetic. She briefs us on what our goals are for this class. It is not just about exercise here, it is about love and confidence. Each week we start with a different mantra. Self love, love for others, playfulness, self confidence… so. much. positivity.

Our first 30 minutes are a “dark warm-up” which is basically intense stretching and core work. Wow my abs were killing me! At the end of the 30 minutes, I felt ready for whatever the class brought on. She began to teach us “sexy” moves. Walking, frisking, standing up from the floor. Things that feel so awkward — but wow was it fun, and I could feel the confidence pouring out. Next, she teaches us a spin …. YEP, ON THE FIRST DAY. Now, do you remember when you’re a kid and you slide down the pole on the playground? Yeah, it’s nothing like that. It is HARD. I always thought I had decent upper body strength until I was told to pull myself up on a pole and then to spin around it. My respect level for women who do this went through the roof in this harsh reality.

We are currently into our 4th week and I’ve been able to KIND OF do some of the spins. Weekly, my entire body is sore in the best way. I’m working muscles I have never worked before. What’s even better, I’m more motivated than ever to workout so I can get stronger for this class. I’m determined to perfect these spins and eventually flip myself into the air like my beautiful friend is doing here. Look at how amazing that is!

All in all, this class has been everything it promised. I can feel my confidence rising, I’m feeling stronger, sexier and most importantly, I’m having fun. I look forward to this class every week, even when I’m tired. We’ve even signed up for another 6 weeks! So my advice? Take a pole fitness class. It brings you out of your comfort zone in the best way possible.


Happy spinning!


by Gina Wood