Why You Shouldn’t Skip Girls Night


“Pussy Power”

“The Future Is Female”

All of these things have been the forefront of our lives this past year. Now more than ever, women are coming together to take a stand. Even if you can’t participate on the larger scale, you can make an effort in your everyday life. That starts with making time for your girlfriends. Why is it so important?


To Bond
There’s nothing like girl time. It’s such an accepting feeling when you’re venting about a personal matter only to have your friends share advice because they’ve gone through the same thing. Sometimes, you need perspective and friends can provide that for us.


To Escape
Life can get hectic. Between work, kids (if you have them), family, traveling, self care, etc…there’s little time to really let go and just have fun. Carving out time with our friends to just have fun can remove a huge weight off of your shoulders and let you feel free.


To Dance
Lets be honest, guys don’t have epic dance parties like we do. Just last weekend my roommate and I put on a mix of 90’s pop and danced around our living room singing our favorites from junior high school for 5 hours and it was one of the funnest days I’ve ever had. MAKE MORE TIME TO DANCE!


To Check-in
When you’re consumed with your own stuff, you tend to not have much space in your head to tackle other peoples stuff, no matter how important they are to you. Sometimes you need to set aside some time, even for a quick cup of coffee, to just check in and see what’s going on. If everyone’s ok. If THEY need anyone. If YOU need someone. And if not, it’s just coffee with a friend.


To Let Loose
Sometimes you just want to over indulge. Whether that be with pints of ice cream, pizzas with extra cheese or 5 bottles of champagne. Girlfriends will never judge, and they’ll for sure partake in the fun. So let loose, go crazy and plan that girls night!



by Gina Wood